Create Beautiful Online Resumes For Free

Create Beautiful Online Resumes For Free


  • Create & Edit

    Create & Edit

    Creating a resume does not need to be as challenging anymore. Every resume created with Rails Resume Builder comes with a basic structure that is fully editable. You no longer have to pull your hair to come up with a structure for your resume. It's already there.

  • Customize


    While Rails Resume Builder's basic structure is a great way to start, it might not work for you all the times. Hence customization. Your can rename sections, change the order that they appear on your resume, or completely hide them. It's all at the tip of your fingers.

  • Share


    Our built-in sharing tools will allow your resume to be hooked up with top-notch social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. You've come a long way pumping out your fantastic resume, it's our job to let the world know about it

  • Theming


    Rails Resume Builder comes with a variety of resume themes for you to choose from. Your resume will appear more appealing and attractive. Working hand in hand with customization, the theming feature let you choose the right look and feel for your resume.

  • Theft Report

    Theft Report

    You work hard and merticulously to build your resume. You spend hours polishing it, making it look great. It is unwanted that your resume is plagiarized in any mean. Our theft reporting tool will notify you of any infringement possibility give you the support you need in response

  • Analytics


    Our analytics tools will tell you information about your resume viewers, helping you customize your resumes

  • Swift Support

    Swift Support

    Have a question, concern or a technical problem? Simply contact us and we will get back to you very shortly.